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We can help to find you an eco-friendly car for hire in the UK or in over 25,000 locations worldwide, just enter your booking details in the car hire quote engine on the right and all the available cars will then displayed.

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*Our booking should only return eco-friendly hire cars and cars that have low fuel consumption and/or low CO2 emissions, we are constantly tring to provide the best results possible.

* Eco cars may not be available from all locations

Hire an eco friendly car

Enviromentally conscious people tend to purchase and drive drive eco friendly green cars so it only makes sense that they would want to be environmentally conscious when hiring a car.

More and more cars are conforming to eco standards, so it is becoming easier to hire a green car with low C02 emissions and low fuel consumption. Hiring a hybrid or electric car is still quite difficult due to the lack of stock and locations where they are available. are trying to make hiring a green or eco friendly car easier by providing as much information as possible about the availabilty and locations of eco friendly cars for hire via our booking engines and suggestions.

Alternative eco car hire

Hertz have a class of car for hire called the 'Green Collection', this collection currently contains 2 vehicles available for hire.

These green cars are available from selected locations across the UK, primarily major cities and airports.

Ford Focus Ecoboost
Passengers: 5
MPG: 60
C02: 109g/km
Price: from: £50 a day or £180 per week.
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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Passengers: 5
MPG: 148
C02: 44g/km
Price: Not stated on website
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Avis are one of the few major car hire companies that have hybrid vehicles available for hire.

They have two hybrid vehicles both of them are Peugeots. Unfortunately they are only available for hire from Central London and major London airports.

Peugeot 508 Hybrid Auto
Passengers: 5
MPG: 78.5
C02: 95g/km
Price: from: £100 a day or £500 per week.
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Peugeot 3008 Hybrid Auto
Passengers: 5
MPG: 70
C02: 104g/km
Price: from: £100 a day or £500 per week.
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Eco friendly car information

There are 3 main types of car that can be classified as being Eco Friendly or Green cars. Electric cars, Hybrid cars, Low emission petrol/diesel cars.

Below are links to information about each type of vehicle.

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